Production and Innovation for Online Education


MOOC Production Services


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have been around for nearly a decade and experienced varying success. It has become increasingly clear that the key to a successful MOOC is student engagement, production quality and the correct measure of intellectual challenge. 

At El Grito we believe that the future of the MOOC depends on confident educators stepping up to the plate and delivering unprecedented quality and dedication to the format. 



We have a history of experience filming in studios large and small, for everything from short films to music videos and commercials. What makes studio filming with us special is our ability to bring value-boosters such as props, set design, multiple cameras and green-screen solutions for interactions with graphics. (If you're imagining a weather presenter you're in the right ballpark). Creative studio filming is a big step in the journey toward life-changing online education, and you can trust us to deliver incredible quality at surprisingly low costs


We write, direct and produce great value professional vector-based animations, from company logos to explainer videos.  The magic of animation brings even the most dull subjects to life. These can be very simple and subtle, such as graphs which adapt as input data changes, or more exciting explainer films which tell a whole story. 

Whatever your course, there are always chances for animation to convert the most complicated ideas into beautiful, unforgettable moving images. Emotions are deeply complex phenomena, yet most of us know what it's like to cry during a Pixar movie...

video slide
Univeristy illustration

Interactive Lessons

We use Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline and PlayPosit to build interactive lessons which feature quizzes, click-to-reveal and drag-and-drop exercises. They are a simple solution for adding interaction to your MOOC.​ If you already have an in-house workflow for these platforms, we can work with you to keep them in line with the overall style and direction of the course.

Simulations and Apps

El Grito Labs exists to make learning online the best way to study. This is where we research, design and prototype new ways to achieve learning objects through innovative technology and platforms.​ During our work developing online learning content, it is often the case that we either have a bright idea for how to improve learner experience, or we are asked to suggest ways to offer something new.

Visual Design


Students respond better to good design. At its heart, education relies on communication, and communication relies on design. We stress the importance of a consistent look and feel to every series of products so nothing gets in the way of learners and the knowledge they need to grow their understanding of a subject.

Logos, slide deck renovation and multi-platform support are our most popular products in this area. Can we help make your course beautiful?


Project Management

Producing content for online education can be as intense as running a television studio, so that's exactly how we manage it. Budgets, recruitment, progress tracking, schedules, feedback cycles, updates, backups, localisation, legalities, scope creep, consultations. We handle it all so you can focus on what's important.