We have a history of experience filming in studios large and small, for everything from short films to music videos and commercials. What makes studio filming with us special is our ability to bring value-boosters such as props, set design, multiple cameras and green-screen solutions for interactions with graphics. (If you're imagining a weather presenter you're in the right ballpark). Creative studio filming is a big step in the journey toward life-changing online education, and you can trust us to deliver incredible quality at surprisingly low costs.


Love them or hate them, teleprompters are often the best option when it comes to delivering instruction at scale and with precision. Our specialism here is in acclimatising instructors to the format, changing scripts on-the-fly and offering a range of control options. We have use experienced teleprompter operators from broadcasting backgrounds combined with teaching specialists and script supervisors to ensure that delivery is dynamic and highly accurate.




Even when the world leading experts aren't available to teach your course, there's no reason to exclude them entirely. We use our network to send agile production teams to all corners of the world to gather valuable insights from the finest minds across the world. When that's not possible, we can usually get them to sit down in front of a computer for a recorded interview with our director.​ Content like this adds huge value to your course and we encourage all our clients to consider it.




Educational scenarios are a great way to explain specific case studies based around human stories. We think of them as short episodes of TV drama, where actors play out a situation reflecting issues covered in the syllabus.

The best thing about commissioning scenarios is that we work with you to fine tune every aspect of the story so you can use it again and again in your teaching. 

We handle the writing, casting, locations, crew and equipment so all you have to worry about are the educational objectives.




When working with El Grito you have the option to send a qualified documentary team out into the big wide world to gather real data, stories and experiences for your online classes.

Reports can be quick clips or extended videos, and work great when combined with short interactive activities.

We gladly remind you that El Grito has a global reach, and we are able to produce videos such as these at short notice all over the world!


SMEs at Home

The coronavirus has had a terrible toll on us all. In the world of teaching, it has meant that many beloved teachers have been unable to interact with their students in person. It also means that filming instructors has become difficult. Though not impossible, we understand that many SMEs might prefer to deliver their content from home. Inevitably it raises the question of quality assurance.

Our solution to this is robust. Before the pandemic we already used 'home capture kits' successfully to record talent we were unable to reach within budgets, or due to childcare responsibilities! These kits are now showing their value.

Each carefully-sanitised kit includes a professional but easy to use camera, broadcast microphone and basic lighting. Additional products can also be added to ensure maximum quality. An El Grito director works with the SME over web conferencing to ensure content is delivered to standard, and of course solve any technical issues. 

We design the kits and support so there is virtually no room for error. Footage is even sent over to us automatically. Nothing beats getting SMEs into the studio for a day, but if you'd like to know more about this solution please get in touch.